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Electronic & Electrical Communication & Control


Whatever your requirements we can offer a choice of products at competitive prices. Take time to contact us with your requirements and you can be assured of prompt and courteous attention.

All products supplied with manufacturer guarantee and Electrotech Marine's comprehensive aftercare.

Rental Maintenance or Lease packages are available to commercial customers.

Equipment Categories include :

Electronic Navigation Equipment;
Radar, AIS, GPS, DGPS, LCD Plotter, PC Plotter and Electronic Chart, Autopilot, Gyro, Echo Sounder, Sonar, Environmental Sensor Systems, System Integration, Propulsion Control, Dynamic Positioning, Navigation Lighting.

External and Internal Communications;
Inmarsat A,B,C & M, EPIRB, SART, Talkback, Public Address, Telephones, VHF DSC, MF/HF DSC, Fixed Cellular Telephone, Scramblers, CCTV, Satellite and Terrestrial TV Systems.

Machinery and Control Equipment;
Propulsion and Thruster Control, Generator Controls, Power Management, Machinery Alarm Systems, Fire and Gas Detection, Switchgear, Starter and Distribution Panels, Electro-Hydraulic Controls, Steering Gear Controls, UPS, DC/AC Invertors, Battery Distribution, Deck and Interior Lighting.

Subsea/Aquaculture Equipment;
Trawl Sensors, Trawl Sonar, Camera Systems, Acoustic Positioning, Underwater Lighting, Automatic Feeding Systems.